There is an enormous variety of incredible experiences available for you to enjoy and appreciate during a visit to Africa. We aim to expose you to as many awe-inspiring moments as possible in your short time here.

The best wildlife viewing is done from the vehicles, cruising the open savannahs, scraping through thorn brush, and grinding through flooded rivers. This is the safest and surest way of finding and getting up close and personal with magnificent elephants, a secretive leopard, an awesome pride of lions, or a skittish herd of impala. Often wildlife becomes accustomed to being approached by people in vehicles so this gives us the best opportunity for observing and photographing them.

But there is also so much more to experience in addition to the fabulous game drives. You might like to do this from the back of a horse or a camel on one of your mornings. You might enjoy hiking – approaching a rhino on foot at ground level, the same level as the rhino, will certainly get your heart rate up! Some say you only really appreciate Africa when you can breathe in the smells and sounds, touch and feel, and listen to the wilderness. How about a night drive with a spotlight? How about getting in a boat on one of Kenya’s famous rift valley lakes to get in amongst extraordinary birdlife? How about sailing the inland Indian Ocean waters on a traditional Arabic dhow that cruise the Swahili coast?

Can you imagine meeting the traditional warriors of Kenya’s remote nomadic people, or visiting delightful but impoverished children at their school in the shanty towns of Nairobi? We can introduce you to them. There are also conservation-oriented activities with research departments of wildlife conservation bodies that you could visit. Experience being the hunted, by trying to outwit a trained anti-poaching tracker dog team. The opportunities are limitless and by coming on safari with us you will experience Africa just as we do living here.

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