Gorilla Trekking


Trek into the forests of the Virunga Mountains in Rwanda or the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest of Uganda to search for the magnificent Mountain Gorillas. Some say this is the most exhilarating and moving wildlife experience out there. You get so close to these giant primates, observing them observing you. Their almost human movements, innate dignity, and social interaction make a unique connection within each of us.

It is thought that there are currently about 1000 Mountain Gorillas remaining in the world today, of which about half live in the Virunga Volcanoes of Rwanda and DRC, and half in the Bwindi Forest of Uganda. A visit to see the Mountain Gorillas in either Rwanda or Uganda usually involves a 3 night/4 day round trip deal from your safari, often at the beginning or end of your safari as an added extension.

The trek to find gorillas on most days is at least an hour or two of strenuous hiking through uneven, forested terrain to get to the gorillas. Your time with the gorilla family is then limited to one hour, with your return trek then of similar duration to your outgoing. There will be local Park Rangers and gorilla tracking guides to guide you through the forest to the gorillas, and open your eyes and hearts to these magnificent beasts.

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