Vehicles used are exclusive 4 wheel drive Toyota Land-Cruisers and Land Rovers.

OnSafari’s own vehicles are custom designed and built to our safari specifications. These vehicles are designed to carry up to 5 passengers in comfort, with each person guaranteed a window seat and access to a roof hatch. The vehicles have large roof hatches and are equipped with refrigerators, first aid kits, radios, handheld spotlights, and various other items designed to deal with any situation.

Permanent Lodge and Camp safari vehicles are often open-sided for complete exposure to the air and superb all-round viewing, and normally with canvas roof for shade from the midday heat.

Boutique Lodges, Permanent Camps and Home-stays.

OnSafari has carefully selected a range of small exclusive lodges and beautiful camps in exotic locations that will be recommended […]


When there are more than 5 guests the second vehicle will be driven by another equivalent experienced and highly qualified […]

Luxury Private Camping

This is camping in style! OnSafari’s own Luxury Private Camps are designed to give you the full flavor of traditional […]
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